Transrectal Ultrasound

What are the clinicians looking at?

Transrectal ultrasound allows the urologist to closely examine the prostate gland for abnormalities. At certain time, multriple biopsies of the prostate gland may be performed to examine for any evidence of cancer or inflammation.

Does this hurt?

Yes, but not very much and not as much as most people think. The vast majority of men tolerate this procedure very well.

When will I get my results?

A report will be faxed to your doctor with 24-48 hours. The pathology or lab results are sent to your doctor from the laboratory department.

What happens after the biopsy?

You will be given a glass of water to drink after the exam and asked to urinate before changing. The urologist will check on you once more after you have urinated. You may experience a small amount of bleeding from your rectum and/or urine after the prostate exam or up to 48 hours. Blood in the semen is also common. Let your family doctor know if there is more than a small amount.





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