Common Questions/Inquiries and Answers about COVID-19

Q)  Are you still providing service during this Pandemic?
A)  Yes, we are still providing service to our LTC homes, hospitals and some home care/palliative care patients.  Due to the extraordinary demands placed on our staff, we are actively triaging orders and making urgent cases priority.

Q)  Has the servicing technologist been tested for COVID-19?
A)  Our technologists and staff are self-screening.  Staff cannot come to work if they have any symptoms including but not limited to fever, runny nose, new onset of cough or difficulty breathing, sore throat or travel to outside of Canada.  These staff members are referred to Public Health for COVID testing before they can be cleared to work.

Q)  Have you been in contact with anyone with a respiratory illness?
A)  Yes, as medical professionals, we are providing service to our patients in LTC homes --many of whom have respiratory illness.  Our technologists have been outfitted with gowns, masks, face shields, gloves and the proper PPE and follow all necessary infection control precautions.  Our equipment is then disinfected before we attend the next patient.

Q)  We have several Admission TB chest x-rays needing to be done.  How soon can you come?
A)  We are actively triaging our requisitions and ensuring we get all the urgent cases done.  This means our less urgent studies will have to wait until the situation stabilizes. 
We apologize that we cannot give you a specific answer on when non urgent studies will be done.  The situation is evolving day by day and it is not possible to predict.  Should your patient's condition change, please re-fax your requisition with updated clinical information.

Q)  What is an "essential service"?
A)  An "essential service" is a service provided to a person, the interruption of which would endanger the life, health or personal safety of the whole or part of the population;"
Sending vulnerable patients out for imaging is detrimental and puts the patient at risk.

Q)  How have you prepared your staff to take precautions against getting the virus?
A)  Our staff have mandatory ongoing training on occupational health, IPAC Personal Risk Management training and PPE.  We are fully equipped to keep your patient and our staff safe.

Q)  When the technologist comes to my home, my daughter will be here to help.  What do we need to know?
A)  Our staff will call you before the appointment to ask a series of question related to the home, including how many steps you have, if you have any pets, etc.  We will also be asking certain specific questions related to symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.  Anyone who will be at the home during the exam will need to answer these screening questions as well.